Free Printable Word Searches for Kids

Do you want a fun and free word search for kids? That’s great because on this page you’ll find links to our free printable word search puzzles and other word games for students in Grades K-12.

We help make learning fun with our free printable word searches, word scrambles and crosswords.

Primary School Age Word Puzzles

Free Printable Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Clicking the links below will take you to the page dedicated to that particular word search puzzle. From there you can access the free printable PDF word search puzzle.

April word search

April Word Search puzzle [dedicated to month of April]

August Word Search Puzzle

[a puzzle dedicated to the summer month]

A word search about bicycles

Biking Word Search Puzzle [Free Printable]

Bowling Word Search Puzzle [free printable PDF]

Word search with "CH" words

“CH” Words Word Search Puzzle

[free printable PDF with words that have the “CH” letter combo]

Colors word search

Colors Word Search PDF – free printable

Disneyland word search puzzle

Disneyland Word Search Puzzle [all things Disneyland]


Disney Princesses Word Search Puzzle (Unofficial)

Disney Villains Word Search Puzzle (unofficial)

[dedicated to some of Disney’s antagonists]

Dogs word search for kids

Dogs Word Search puzzle (a word search all about dogs)

Earth Day word search

Earth Day Word Search Puzzle

[get your kids thinking about Earth Day]

Easter word search for kids

Easter Word Search Puzzle [free printable PDF]

flower word search

Flowers Word Search Puzzle [fun for kids and adults]

Football word search puzzle (American football)

Football Word Search Puzzle [free printable PDF]

Frozen word search puzzle for kids

Frozen word search printable PDF (unofficial)

[words from the Disney movie Frozen]

A garden word search puzzle

Garden Word Search Puzzle [ideal for Grades 2-4]

A printable  Halloween word search puzzle

A fun Halloween Word Search Puzzle for Kids

unofficial Harry Potter word search printable

Harry Potter Word Search Puzzle (unofficial) [FREE Printable]

If you love Harry Potter, check out this printable Harry Potter word search. (Unofficial word search)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Word search printable (unofficial)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets word search

A word search featuring words from the second Harry Potter novel.

Ice cream word search printable

Ice Cream Word Search Puzzle

(contains 17 popular ice cream flavors)

Little Mermaid word search printable

Little Mermaid word search puzzle (unofficial)

[word search related to Disney’s The Little Mermaid]

Moana word search printable

Moana Word Search puzzle (unofficial)

[a word search dedicated to the Disney movie Moana]

Out to Eat word search printable

“Out to Eat” Word Search Puzzle

[restaurant-related word search] – good for ESL students too

Free printable pets word search puzzle for kids

Pets Word Search puzzle

[words dedicated to pets and the responsibilities of owning a pet]

Pizza word search for kids (free printable PDF)

Pizza Word Search Puzzle Free PDF

(makes me hungry just looking at this one!)

snowman word search puzzle for kids preview

Snowman Word Search Puzzle for Kids (fun indoor activity for cold days)

St Patrick's Day Word Search

St. Patrick’s Day Word Search (fun free printable)

Star Wars word search printable

Star Wars Word Search Puzzle

(its BIG…think Death Star big…and it’s FREE)

Summer words word search printable

Summer Word Search Puzzle

(great for road trips)

Valentine's Day Word search for kids printable

Valentine’s Day Word Search Puzzle [Free Printable word search]

Winter Word Search Puzzle

Winter Words – Word Search Puzzle

(FREE PRINTABLE puzzle for Grades 2,3,4 & 5)

Kids love word searches and they’re a great way for them to learn new vocabulary.

People call word search puzzles by many different names including “word finds”, “search a word” or “word cross puzzles” but whatever you call them they are a fun way to get your kids engaged in learning.

Word Search Puzzles for Middle Schoolers

Here are some free printable word searches for kids that are appropriate for Middle School-aged students.

European countries word search

20 Countries of Europe Word Search puzzle

(there are more than 20 countries in Europe…but I’ve included 20 in this puzzle)

European Capital cities word search

European Capitals word search

(features 25 European capitals…this isn’t all the capitals in Europe but it’ll keep students busy for awhile.)

Harry Potter printable word search

Harry Potter word search (unofficial)

(a general Harry Potter word search not specific to any one book)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets word search printable PDF

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets word search puzzle -Unofficial

(a word search about the second Harry Potter novel)

Paranormal Word Search

Paranormal Word Search

(20 words related to the paranormal)

Word Search about Trees (printable PDF)

[word search containing the names of several trees]

Trees word search puzzle

Other Fun Word Puzzles for Kids (scrambles & crosswords)

Some of these puzzles are crosswords and some are word scrambles.

The appropriate ages vary and I’ll put the best “approximate” age in brackets.

Cats word scramble

Cats word scramble

(fun for cat lovers and kids aged 6-8 or so…)

NFL teams crossword

NFL Football Teams Crossword Puzzle (from 2020 season)

(Ages 7+…but adults will like it too)

Ocean animals word scramble

Ocean Animals Word Scramble
(Ages 7+) [fun learning activity for kids]

Star wars word scramble

Star Wars Word Scramble (unofficial)

(21 scrambled words from “Star Wars: A New Hope”)

Super Mario word scramble

Super Mario Word Scramble (unofficial)

(Ages 7+…but Mario fans of all ages will enjoy it.)

Winter Word Scramble printable PDF

Winter Word Scramble

(Ages 6-8…but word scrambles can be a little tricky)

Disney Word Search Puzzles (Unofficial)

Word search puzzles related to movies and creations of the Disney company – including a Disneyland word search. (Note these are “unofficial” puzzles and are not associated nor endorsed by the Disney Corporation.)

Disneyland word search puzzle

Disney / Pixar Animated movies word search puzzle

Disney Princess word search

Disney Villains word search

Frozen word search puzzle [dedicated to 2013 Disney movie Frozen]

Little Mermaid word search puzzle

Moana Word Search puzzle

Do you want a bunch of puzzles in one convenient PDF?

If you’re tired of printing off one puzzle at a time, and trying to search on your computer for another puzzle to print…this is for you!

I sell a GIANT puzzle pack for Grade 2 & 3 students at a low price that you may be interested in.

(No need to keep going back to your phone to print off another puzzle…print them all at once.)

Check it out by clicking the picture below.

Want to find this page and these puzzles again later? Pin the picture below to your Pinterest account.

Puzzletainment KIDS has lots of fun free printable word search puzzles for kids.
Fun Word Searches for Kids

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