Free Printable Insect word search [creepy crawly good time]

This free printable Insect word search PDF is great for kids that love bugs. (And still good for kids that don’t love them too.) It contains 21 insects hidden in a big grid.

Insect word search PDF printable for kids.  Featuring 21 different insects.
Insect Word Search printable PDF

Who is this Insect word search for?

This word search is for students in Grades 3-6. Younger students may enjoy it, but since some of the words are hidden diagonally and the grid is large, it may be too complicated for them. But feel free to try it out.

Please note:

This is free for a single user or family. If you want it for your classroom, please considering supporting our Teachers Pay Teachers page. Thank you.

Click here to open the Insect word search puzzle in a new browser window.

What does the Insect word search PDF look like?

Below is screenshot of what the puzzle looks like. Click the picture below to open up the PDF in a new browser window.

Insect word search PDF.  This is a free printable insect word search for kids. They can print off the pdf at home and start enjoying
Click to open the Insect word search PDF in a new browser window

What is the simple definition of an insect?

National Geographic Kids website has a simplified definition of an insect as an animal with a hard outer skeleton (called an exoskeleton) and that has 6 legs. Plus, most have antennae and wings.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln states that insects have been on Earth for at least 300 million years! And that there are over one million different types of insects.

Insects have done a great job at adapting to live on Earth.

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What insects are featured in this word search puzzle?

Since there are over 1,000,000 kinds of insect, I couldn’t possibly put them all into one word search puzzle. So I’ve chosen 21 insects including:

  • butterfly
  • moth
  • dragonfly
  • beetle
  • cricket
  • grasshopper
  • earwig
  • caterpillar
  • and more…

Are caterpillars insects? I was a little uncertain about this one, but according to this article from they are. So that is why you’ll find caterpillars in this list of insects to find in the puzzle.

How do I open this word search?

You can click the picture above to open the insect word search, or you can click here to open the PDF puzzle in a new browser window.

Thank you and I hope your kids enjoyed this word search.

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