Frozen Word Search Puzzle (unofficial) – free printable PDF

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Do your kids love the Disney movie Frozen? If they do then they’ll love this free Frozen word search printable puzzle [unofficial].

It contains 15 words related to the 2013 movie Frozen. (We call it “Frozen 1” around our house.)

Frozen word search printable Free PDF for kids
Frozen word search printable

Please note this is an “unofficial” puzzle meaning it is not associated or made in partnership with Disney. This is provided free to you here for educational purposes. I do not own or claim to own any copyrights to the movie or its related terms. The graphics were from

Who is this word search for?

This word search is best suited for students in Grades 3-5. Younger kids may enjoy it too, but since there are some diagonal words, it may be a little too tricky for them. (But they can definitely try.)

What words are in this Frozen word search?

There are 15 words in this puzzle.

They include some of the characters from the first Frozen movie, and some words that describe the movie too.

Words included this Frozen word search:

  • COLD
  • ICE
  • OLAF
  • ANNA
  • DUKE
  • SVEN
  • ELSA
  • HANS

What does this Frozen word search look like?

Below is a picture showing the word search puzzle.

You’ll notice that there is also a small box in the bottom right corner for your child to draw their favorite Frozen character. I bet they’ll draw something super cute!

Frozen word search puzzle featuring 15 words from the Frozen 1 movie released in 2013. It is a free printable PDF word search for kids.
Frozen word search (click the picture to open the PDF in a new browser window)

Is there an answer page?

Yes. The second page of the PDF features the answer page as well as two writing prompts.

So after your child has found all the words you can give them the answer page to complete the writing prompts.

Frozen word search printable PDF answer page.
Frozen word search printable – Answer Page (click the picture to open the puzzle in a new browser window)

How do I get this Frozen word search puzzle?

You can click here to get the puzzle. It will open the PDF puzzle in a new browser window, and from there you can print it off at home and start enjoying right away.

Print puzzle

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