Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle [fun, free printable PDF]

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly and once again I’m not prepared. But I did take the time to create this Thanksgiving word search puzzle.

It can be used by American and Canadian children. But Canadian children may ask, “Why is ‘Thursday’ in this puzzle?”

And that is because in the United States they have Thanksgiving on a Thursday (and in November).

Regardless of what country you are from I think you (or your children) will enjoy this Thanksgiving words word search puzzle.

Who is this Thanksgiving word search for?

It is probably best suited for Grades 2-5, but I enjoyed it as an adult (not sure what that says about me??).

I’m sure you and your kids will enjoy searching for these hidden Thanksgiving words.

What does the Thanksgiving word search puzzle look like?

Below you’ll see a picture of the word search puzzle.

Click here to download the free PDF copy of the puzzle. (It will open in a new browser window.)

Or clicking the image below will allow you to download the puzzle.

Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle - free printable PDF thanksgiving word search
Click image to download the PDF copy of the Thanksgiving word search puzzle

What words are in this Thanksgiving word search puzzle?

This word search contains 17 words related to Thanksgiving including:

  • cranberry
  • thankful
  • corn
  • family
  • dinner
  • Thursday
  • tradition
  • and more…

Here is an article from National Geographic Kids about the First Thanksgiving that your children may like. (Opens in a new window.)

How do I get the Thanksgiving word search PDF?

(It will open in a new browser window. From there you can print it off and enjoy.)

Did you enjoy this free puzzle?

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I appreciate your support. ?

I hope you enjoy the puzzle.

Perhaps when you’re sitting around after you’ve had too much turkey dinner you can pull out some pencils and start searching for the words.

But please don’t fall asleep and drool all over the puzzle. :0

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

from Tim @ Puzzletainment Publishing

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