The Idea Behind Puzzletainment Publishing

Like most of you reading this, I was a student (not so long ago).  I always wanted good grades and strived to achieve them, but so often I found myself cramming for exams the night before.

I would do okay on the exams but then experience an unintentional “brain dump” afterward: most of the material I had just crammed into my head seemed to be gone when I tried to remember it!

I always wished there was a fun way to ease into studying.

Because I knew if I started studying then I would get absorbed into my work and minutes would turn into hours.

Prolonged studying for weeks or days before the exam always seemed to stick in my head better than information I’d crammed in the night before.

During my last year of university I discovered that making my own targeted drug crossword puzzles, with questions specific to my course work, could greatly increase my studying time.

The reason is because doing the puzzles felt more like fun than work.

Sitting down to do a puzzle would trigger other questions I had about the topic, and before I knew it I was actually opening up the textbooks I had been lugging around for years.


So if you’re like me and prone to procrastinate then our products are for you.

They are fun ways to ease your way into studying!


Medical Terminology Crossword and Word Search PDF version cover photo     Pharmacy Crosswords Canadian Edition PDF version Cover photo


Thank you for taking the time to read all that. 🙂
Tim Dyer, founder of Puzzletainment Publishing

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