Winter Words – Fun Winter Word Search Puzzle for Young Students (Free puzzle)

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Winter is right around the corner (or maybe you’re immersed in a snowstorm right now when you’re reading this!). After a busy day of sledding, skating, throwing snowballs or building snowmen, you can relax with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this free winter word search puzzle. (It is a fun screen-free activity for kids.)

It contains 30 winter-related words including snowflake, skating, February, mittens, parka, slippery and more!

Winter Word Search Puzzle Free printable PDF word search puzzle for kids
Click image to open the PDF winter word search puzzle in a new window

CLICK HERE to download the FREE PDF copy of the Winter Words Word Search Puzzle. It will open in a new browser window.

Once you’ve downloaded the PDF you can print it out and enjoy it.

To help reduce paper waste you could try printing it on the back of scrap paper or buy paper that is 100% recycled from post-consumer paper waste.

This winter word search PDF contains winter words such as:

  • blizzard
  • icicle
  • slush
  • freezing
  • January
  • December
  • mittens
  • flurries
  • and many more…

Writing Activities for Young Students Related to Winter

If you’re looking for other winter activities for young students you could try these writing activities.

What is your favorite winter activity?

What is your least favorite thing about winter?

Writing Prompt:

The little girl dug through the box of winter clothes and she was so surprised to find _______ at the bottom of the box. (Then what happens.)

What holidays do you celebrate in winter?

Want 10 FREE word searches for kids in one convenient PDF?

(That should keep them busy for awhile. 🙂 )

Get 10 Free Word Search Puzzles for Kids
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I hope you enjoy the winter words word search puzzle. If you do like it feel free to share it with a friend.

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I will be adding more word search puzzles for young students and most of them will be free.

I think word search puzzles are a great way to learn new vocabulary and to help with spelling because the children are looking at the words over and over and thinking about the words as they search for them.