Cats Word Scramble for Kids (free printable PDF)

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If your child loves cats and word scrambles they’ll love this free printable PDF.

It features 10 words related to cats. Most of the words are quite short so this is intended for younger students.

In fact, I have created two versions. The first version includes hints, while the second version has no hints.

Cats Word Scramble (DALL-E’s rendition of my cat)

What does the Word Scramble look like?

I have created two word scrambles about cats, but I’ve put them together in the same PDF.

  • The first page of the PDF has the scramble WITH hints.
  • Second page of the PDF is the scramble without hints

They are the same words scrambled, but one of the pages has hints. These hints are the words that you have to choose from.

The word scramble with hints is great for younger students (6+). They can use a process of elimination to solve, and unscramble the word.

I think problem-solving and learning the process of elimination is important.

Below is the picture of this scramble with hints.

Cats word scramble printable PDF for kids with hints.
Click to open the PDF in a new browser window.

And below is the word scramble that does NOT have hints. It is the second page of the PDF. If you want this version, you only need to print the second page of the PDF and not the entire document.

Cats word scramble without hints .

Is there an answer key?

Yes, the third page of the PDF features the unscrambled words and two writing prompts about house cats.

How do I get the Word Scramble PDF?

Click here to get the Cats Word Scramble. (It opens in a new browser window.)

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