St. Patrick’s Day Word Scramble (free printable for Grades 3-6)

This is a fun one! It is a St. Patrick’s Day word scramble. This printable PDF puzzle is intended for students in Grades 3-6, but all ages are welcome to try it.

It features 10 scrambled words related to this festive day.

Will you be able to solve them?

St. Patrick's Day Word Scramble from Puzzletainment Publishing

Please Note: This is free for a single person or family use. If you’d like this for your class, please consider supporting my TeachersPayTeachers store.

What does the St. Patrick’s Day word scramble look like?

Below is a picture showing what the word scramble “with hints” looks like.

St. Patrick's Day word scramble with hints free printable PDF
Click the picture above to open the puzzle in a new browser window.

And below is a picture of the version without hints.

St. Patrick's Day word scramble without hints (PDF)
Click the picture above to open the puzzle in a new browser window.

Both versions are included in the same PDF. So once you get the PDF, simply select the page you want printed: hints or no hints. Print it off at home and start enjoying right away.

Is there an answer key?

Yes there is an answer key. The third page of the PDF features the answer key.

And honestly, I’m glad it’s there! I made the word scramble, set it aside for few days, then came back to it and even I – the creator of the scramble – was a little puzzled. That’s how you know it’s challenging.

How do I get this word scramble?

You can click the pictures above, or you can click the button below to get it. It will open the PDF in a new browser window. Then from there you can print it off at home and start puzzling right away.

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Thank you for checking out this puzzle. I hope you enjoyed it.

Tim from Puzzletainment Publishing.

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