Winter Word Scramble – Free Printable PDF

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Are you looking for an indoor winter activity for your children that is both fun and educational? Well good because we have a free printable PDF winter word scramble for kids.

Let your Grade 2 and Grade 3 students help unscramble these mixed-up words.

Winter Word Scramble for Kids - Free printable PDF
Winter Word Scramble – Free Printable PDF

Please Note: this is free for a single user or family.

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CLICK HERE to open the free printable Winter Word Scramble in a new browser window.

Below is a picture of what the “Winter Word Scramble” actually looks like.

If you click the picture below it will open up the printable PDF in a new window of your internet browser. (Then you can print it off from there.)

Winter Word Scramble printable PDF for Kids (Grades 2 & 3)
Winter Word Scramble for Kids (Free Printable PDF)

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Winter Words Featured in this Word Scramble

The 8 winter words that are scrambled on this worksheet are:

  • mitten
  • hat
  • snow
  • icicle
  • blizzard
  • skate
  • snowman
  • snow

(Not in that order though.)

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What else can you do with this winter word scramble?

After your children unscramble the words they have to match up the word to the picture.

And if they are stuck on a word they can use the pictures to try and help them solve the problem.

I have to admit it was hard trying to find a simple image for “blizzard” so your children may find that one a little difficult.)

I hope your children enjoy this word scramble, and I hope it frees up some time for you. 🙂

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