Summer Word Search Puzzle for Kids [free printable]

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Here is a fun activity to keep your kids busy during summer break or help them unwind after their summer camps. It’s a fun, free printable PDF summer word search for kids.

Who is this printable Summer word search for?

It is intended for children in Grades 3-6, but older kids (and even adults) will enjoy it too. Fun for the whole family!

The difficulty level is medium. It isn’t exactly an easy summer word search because it does contain some diagonal words.

It comes in handy on a rainy day or during a road trip (just print it off ahead of time).

And it can be a great activity to do while getting out of the summer sun and maybe sitting near the air conditioner for a bit.

Summer Word search puzzle for kids free printable PDF word search
Summer Word Search PDF

What file format is this word search in?

This word search is in PDF format. It is a free download. So you can open it using your web browser or Adobe Reader, and then print it off at home and start searching for the summer-related words right away.

(If your mobile phone is wirelessly connected to your home printer you should be able to print it from your smart phone.)

What kind of summer-themed words are in this puzzle?

This Summer word search puzzle contains 25 summer words in its word bank including:

  • holidays
  • hot
  • vacation
  • shade
  • sunscreen
  • swimming
  • boating
  • and lots more…

What does this fun Summer word search look like?

Below is a picture of what the Summer word search actually looks like. You can click on the picture to get the free PDF word search (it opens in a new browser window).

Free printable Summer word search puzzle for kids  (printable PDF). This summer wordsearch for kids is a great way to keep them busy this summer.
Click the picture to get your free Summer word search puzzle (it opens in a new window)

How do I get the word search puzzle?

You can click the different pictures in this article or you can…


Does this word search have an answer key?

Yes it does. On the second page of the PDF there is the Solution to the puzzle along with some writing prompts.

(I realize it can be frustrating when word searches don’t come with answer keys.)

I hope you and your children have a fun and safe summer this year. Remember to be “sun smart” and make sure you folks stay hydrated.

If you’re curious about sun safety, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has some good sun-related articles. Click here to check them out.

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