Endangered Animals Word Search Puzzle [free printable PDF]

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Are you children or students learning about endangered species? Here you’ll find an Endangered Animals word search puzzle for kids. It is a printable PDF that you can print off and start enjoying right away.

Endangered animals word search puzzle for kids from Puzzletainment
Endangered Animals word search

Who is this Endangered Animals Word Search for?

This word search puzzle is intended for students in Grades 3-6.

Older students will enjoy it too, but it may be a little too difficult for younger students. (They are welcome to try though!)

Please Note:

This is free for a single user or a family. If you’re interested in this puzzle for your class please consider supporting me on my TeachersPayTeachers store. Thank you.

What does this puzzle look like?

Below is a picture of what the Endangered Animals word search looks like. (If you click the picture below it’ll open up the PDF puzzle in a new browser window. Then you can print it off from there.)

Endangered Species Animals Word Search for Kids
Endangered Animals printable word search for kids

Is there an answer page?

Yes, the second page of the printable PDF contains the answers along with 2 research and writing prompts for students to expand their knowledge on this important topic.

Endangered Animals word search answers page

What animals are featured in this puzzle?

This puzzle features 15 animals species that are considered endangered (or worse).

Unfortunately this number pales in comparison to the large number of animal and plant species that are endangered around the world.

The animals on this list include:

  • Bluefin tuna
  • Blue whale
  • Chimpanzee
  • Bornean Orangutan
  • Cross River Gorilla
  • Vaquita
  • Sunda tiger
  • and more…

How do I get the puzzle?

CLICK HERE to get the Endangered Species Word Search Puzzle PDF. (Opens in a new browser window.)

Want to learn more about endangered animals?

Here is a link to National Geographic discussing endangered animals and potential causes.

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I truly hope your children or students have learned the importance of this topic.

The more young people we can get thinking about the impact of humans on the world around us the better.

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