Beach Word Search Puzzle [fun, free puzzle for kids]

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If you’ve got a beach vacation coming up, or you’re just dreaming of the beach, then you’ll love this beach word search puzzle. It is a fun, free printable PDF puzzle that contains 20 words related to the beach.

It also doubles as a fun summer word search puzzle.

It is intended for students in Grades 2-5.

But don’t worry, I think adults will like it too. 🙂

Beach Vacation Word Search Puzzle
(fun free printable PDF puzzle for grades 2-5)
Beach word search puzzle

Click here to download the FREE Beach Vacation Word Search Puzzle. (Opens in a new window in PDF format)

This word search puzzle contains words such as:

  • beach
  • sand
  • sandals
  • tourists
  • airport
  • airplane
  • sandcastle
  • beach ball
  • and more

As an added learning opportunity for your children you could ask them to find and circle the compound words in this puzzle.

And then they could draw a line through the compound word separating it into its individual words.

Print puzzle

Below is a picture of what the word search puzzle looks like. By clicking the picture below it’ll open up the PDF in a new window.

Beach word search puzzle - free printable PDF
Beach word search puzzle

Beach Safety for Young Kids

If you’re taking the kids to the beach for a vacation or during summer break there are some general safety guidelines to follow.

This article from Swimming Guide gives 9 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe at the Beach.

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