Football Word Search Puzzle [Free Printable PDF]

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Are you looking for a football-related puzzle to keep your child or student busy? This big football word search puzzle contains 26 words.

This word search puzzle for kids is about American football, and not the sport we call “soccer” in North America.

Who is it for?

This is a word search puzzle for kids (Grades 2 and up), but it is a bit tricky with diagonal words, and you have to know both upper case and lower case letters.

So even students in middle school, high school or even adults will find it entertaining.

Football fans of all ages can “tackle” this football themed word search.

What format is the puzzle in?

It is in PDF format. So it is a printable word search puzzle that you can download and it’ll open the PDF file in a new browser window.

Then you can print it off at home and starting enjoying it right away.

(Please note this puzzle is free for single users or a family. If you want to use it for your class please considering supporting us on our Teachers Pay Teachers store. Thank you.

What does this Football word search look like?

Below you can see a picture of the word search puzzle. Your goal is to find the words in the CAPITAL letters.

You can make it into a party game. Challenge your family and friends to a content: who can find all the words fastest? Or you can take your time and enjoy finding the 26 football words.

Click the picture below to open up the word search in a new browser window.

Football Word Search Puzzle
Click image above to open the puzzle in a new window.

Does it contain an answer key?

Yes. The second page of the PDF features the answer key.

How do I get this free football word search?

You can click the picture above, or click the link below to open the word search in a new browser window.

CLICK HERE to get the Football Word Search Puzzle. (Opens in a new window)

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Football Word Search Puzzle includes words like:

  • helmet
  • downs
  • yards
  • punt
  • huddle
  • block
  • sack
  • cleats
  • And lots more…

Even though baseball is considered America’s pastime, football reigns supreme as the most popular sport in the USA. Some people dedicate an entire day of the week to watching their favorite sport.

If you need something for your kids to do while you’re trying to watch a game on TV, this word search puzzle should keep them busy for awhile. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this football word search puzzle. (I know I enjoyed creating it.)

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If you have any comments or issues downloading the puzzles please let me know by commenting below.

Happy Puzzling!

Tim from Puzzletainment Publishing

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