Free European Capitals Word Search [featuring 25 capital cities]

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This word search features 25 European capital cities hidden in a grid…and your job – shall you choose to accept it – is to find them!

25 European Capital cities word search puzzle [free printable word search]
25 European Capital Cities word search

But there are more than 25 countries in Europe…

Yes, there are more than 25 countries in Europe. This list of 25 European capital cities is not inclusive: there are more capitals in Europe than 25.

But some of the cities had long names which affected the puzzle size. So I featured 25 capitals including many of the most famous and populous European capitals such as:

  • Rome
  • Paris
  • London
  • Athens
  • Berlin
  • and many more…

What I found interesting researching this puzzle is that the number of countries in Europe differed depending on the reference. Some references said 44, some said 50. The most astute answer that I could find about this discrepancy was from who stated that there are 44 sovereign nations in Europe, but the area of Europe is shared by 50 countries.

Who is the word search for?

I made this word search with middle school aged children in mind, but it can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. (It just might be a little tricky for younger students.)

Please note:

This puzzle is free for a single user or a family. If you are interested in using this for your class please consider supporting our Teachers Pay Teachers page where it is listed as well.

CLICK HERE to open the ’25 European Capital Cities Word Search‘ in a new browser window. (Then you can print the PDF from your browser.)

What does the ’25 European Capital Cities’ word search look like?

Below is a picture of the word search puzzle. If you click the picture below it will open the PDF puzzle in a new browser window. And from there you can print it off and start enjoying it.

European Capital Cities Word Search puzzle featuring many of the most famous cities in Europe such as London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens and more
25 European Capital Cities word search – click to open the PDF in a new window

Does this word search have an answer page?

Yes the second page of the PDF features an answer page and some writing prompts. Below is a picture of the answer page.

European Capital Cities word search answer page featuring writing prompts
Answer page for the word search and some writing prompts

I hope you enjoyed this word search about European capital cities.

For extra “fun” you can write down the countries that each of these cities is the capital of.

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Thank you,

Tim from Puzzletainment

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