‘CH’ Words – Word Search Puzzle [Free printable word search]

It can be a tricky trying to introduce a new reader to the large number of letter combinations in the English language. This free word search puzzle will help them increase their vocabulary by searching for words with the ‘ch’ letter combination. Words like chicken, cheese and chin.

Teachers call the “ch” combination a digraph, but your child will just call this puzzle “fun”.

This is a free printable word search that your young reader will love. And they’ll learn new words while they’re at it.

Please Note: This is FREE for a single user or family. If you’re getting it for your class, please consider heading to my TeachersPayTeachers site to purchase it inexpensively.

What does this ‘CH’ Words Word Search look like?

Below you can see a picture of this word search. If you click the picture below it will open the PDF puzzle in a new browser window.

A word search featuring "CH" digraph words.
You can click the picture above to download the PDF in a new window.

Click here to open the free PDF in a new window.

Sometimes the old “taskmaster” style of teaching someone to read just doesn’t sink in.

The new reader needs to engage in what they’re learning. This word search will allow them to have some fun, be engaged and learn new words.

What are some of the words featured in this puzzle?

This word search features 28 words that have the ‘ch’ letter combination. Some of the words have ‘ch’ at the start of the word and some of the words have ‘ch’ elsewhere in the word.

Some of the words from this puzzle include:


And more.

Is there an answer page?

Yes. The second page of the PDF features the solution to the word search.

How do I get the word search?

You can CLICK HERE to get this ‘CH’ words word search.

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I hope you enjoy the puzzle, and if you have any comments or concerns, please leave a comment below.

Thank you,

Tim from Puzzletainment

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