Trees Word Search Puzzle (great nature word search for kids)

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Here is a fun nature word search featuring the names of 27 trees hidden in this puzzle. It is a free, printable PDF trees word search.  

Plus, it is a great way to celebrate Arbor day.  (Just try to print it on scrap paper if possible so we can try not to waste trees.)

This trees word search is intended for kids in Grades 3-6, but older students and adults will enjoy the puzzle too.

Trees word search puzzle for kids - free printable PDF
Trees word search PDF

Please Note: This is free for a single user or a family. If you want this worksheet for your class please consider supporting me on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It is a fantastic resource to keep early finishers busy. (Thank you.)

What tree names are in this trees word search puzzle?

This puzzle has 27 hidden words. It is the names of different types of trees that you have to find.

Below is a list of trees in this puzzle.

  • larch
  • cedar
  • alder
  • spruce
  • ash
  • walnut
  • Douglas fir
  • oak
  • lemon
  • pine
  • banyan
  • baobab
  • peach
  • willow
  • sequoia
  • apple
  • cherry
  • magnolia
  • poplar
  • balsam
  • redwood
  • maple
  • pear
  • orange
  • hemlock
  • beech
  • gingko

What does this trees word search look like?

Below is a picture of this word search puzzle.

If you click the picture below it’ll open up the printable PDF in a new browser window.

Then you can print it off and enjoy it right away.

Trees word search puzzle.This is a free printable PDF word search for kids featuring 27 types of trees hidden in the grid.
Trees Word Search Puzzle

Is there an answer page?

Yes. The second page of the PDF features the solution to the word search.

Plus, it also has two writing prompts to stimulate your kids to write and express themselves. The writing prompts are about trees.

Below is a picture showing what the answer sheet looks like.

Trees word search answer page and writing prompts

How do I get this free word search puzzle?

You can click the button below to open the word search in a new browser window.

Thank you very much checking out this puzzle.

I hope you have so much fun finding all the tree names.

How to get notified of new word search puzzles…

If you like word finds and want to get notified when I make a new puzzle I can email you.

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