August Word Search Puzzle [free printable PDF]

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This August word search is great way to keep your kids busy this summer. It is a free printable PDF featuring 29 words related to the month of August. It is a good screen-free activity for kids during their summer break from school.

August word search puzzle

Who is this word search for?

It is intended for school-aged children but even adults will enjoy finding these words related to August.

What does the August word search look like?

Below is a picture showing what the word search looks like. If you click the picture below, it’ll open up the PDF in a new browser window. From there you can print it and start enjoying right away.

August Word Search Puzzle - free printable PDF
August Word Search PDF – click to open the puzzle in a new browser window

Is there an answer to this word search?

Yes. The second page of the PDF features the answers to the puzzle. Plus, it has two writing prompts for kids to write about August.

August Word Search puzzle answers (the answers are on page 2 of the PDF)
Answers to the August word search (are on Page 2 of the PDF)

What words are in this August word search?

This puzzle has 29 hidden words related to August that you need to find.

The words include:

  • WARM
  • LAKE
  • POOL
  • PARK
  • FLOATIE (inflatable tubes and other things you float on in the water)
  • and lots more…

CLICK HERE to open up the August word search PDF in a new browser window.

Thank you for checking out this puzzle. I hope you enjoy it.

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