Hockey Word Search Puzzle (FREE printable)

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Do your children or students love hockey? Let them get engaged in this free printable Ice Hockey word search puzzle featuring 36 hockey words (massive puzzle).

It’s a great puzzle for kids that play hockey, think about hockey, talk about hockey, read about hockey, and are just basically obsessed with hockey. (And it’s a good puzzle for other people too. 🙂 )

(This is FREE for a single user. If you’re getting it for your class, please consider heading to my TeachersPayTeachers site to purchase it inexpensively.)

To get the free printable PDF hockey word search puzzle you can click here, and there are other links below.

It will open the puzzle in a new window then you can print it out and enjoy.

If you’re a home schooler it can be a great way to help keep your children busy if they finished their other work early. You need something to keep the early finishers busy right. 🙂

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FREE Hockey WORD SEARCH PUZZLE (opens up a PDF document in a new window)

What does the Hockey Word Search puzzle look like?

Below is a picture of what the hockey word search looks like.

Hockey Word Search Puzzle (Free printable PDF word search puzzle). If your kids love hockey word searches they should check this out.
Click the picture to open up the hockey word search PDF puzzle in a new window.

What words are in this ice hockey word search?

Some of the hockey words in this puzzle include:

  • referee
  • wingers
  • forward
  • goalie
  • skates
  • goal
  • net
  • shot
  • score
  • helmet
  • and lots more!

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If you enjoyed the puzzle or if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know by commenting below.

Thank you.

Tim from Puzzletainment Publishing