Long ‘a’ Vowel Sounds – ‘ay’ Vowel Team Word Search

Do you have a young reader in your home just learning about the long vowel sounds?

To help them I’ve created a unique word search dedicated to the ‘ay’ vowel team. Together this two-letter combo makes the long ‘a’ vowel sound. (Or as I think of it, where the letter ‘a’ says its own name.)

The Vowel Team "ay" Word Search. makes the long A vowel sound

This free printable word search features 19 words with the ‘ay’ vowel team.

What does this word search look like?

Below is a picture of the “ay” vowel team word search.

If you click the picture it will open the PDF word search in a new browser window.

Long A Vowel Sound word search - the 'ay' Vowel team
Click the picture to get the puzzle

Is there an answer page?

Yes the second page of the PDF features the answer sheet and a couple of small activities.

How to get this puzzle?

You can click the pictures above it will open the puzzle in a new browser window, or you can click the button below.

Once you have the PDF puzzle opened in a new browser window you can print it off at home and start enjoying the puzzle right away.

Do you want a bundle of 10 free puzzles in one convenient PDF?

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Thank you for checking out this puzzle. I hope it helped your emerging reader.

Tim from Puzzletainment Publishing

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