Ice Cream Word Search Puzzle (free printable PDF)

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This puzzle is purely for fun…it’s a printable ice cream flavors word search puzzle. It is intended for kids, but adults will enjoy it too. (It just may cause severe ice cream cravings…so consider yourself warned!)

It contains 17 of the most popular ice cream flavors. Everyone has their favorite ice cream flavor – and there are so many varieties out there nowadays – so I’m sure I missed some great flavors.

But I think you’ll have some fun with this puzzle anyway. (And if I did miss your favorite flavor…I apologize. 🙂 )

Below is a picture of what the ice cream flavors word search puzzle looks like. (If you click the picture it’ll open up the PDF in a new browser window.)

Ice Cream Word Search printable PDF ... for kids or adults that are young at heart :)
Click the picture to open up the Ice Cream Word Search printable in a new window


Below is what the Solutions page looks like. There are a couple writing prompts for children to write about their favorite varieties, and to get creative.

Ice Cream Flavors word search answers
Click the image to open the Ice cream flavors word search in a new window.

Below is list of the ice cream flavors included in this word search puzzle:

  • cookie dough
  • tiger
  • birthday cake
  • vanilla
  • maple walnut
  • moose tracks
  • cookies and cream
  • rocky road
  • cotton candy
  • strawberry
  • bubble gum
  • mint chocolate chip
  • oreo
  • neapolitan
  • chocolate
  • peanut butter
  • buttered pecan

Have you tried Butterbeer flavored ice cream?

An ice cream flavor that I recently discovered – but I haven’t included on this list – is BUTTERBEER. It is inspired by the beverage that Harry Potter and his friend drink in the little wizarding village near Hogswarts school called Hogsmeade.

Man is it tasty!

If you’re interested in Harry Potter you’ll like this “unofficial” Harry Potter word search puzzle I created. It is a fun activity related to the “boy wizard.”

And if you want some more Harry Potter fun and games, check out Wizarding World website. It is the official website of Harry.

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Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the puzzle. But remember if this ice cream word search makes you crave ice cream you can’t blame me. 🙂

Tim from Puzzletainment Publishing

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