Amazon Rainforest Animals Word Search [free printable PDF]

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Are your children fascinated by the Amazon tropical rainforest? Here is an Amazon rainforest animals word search featuring 15 animals from the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest Animals word search (scroll down to get the free puzzle)

Why do a word search puzzle about Amazon Rainforest animals?

The Amazon rainforest is home to an incredibly diverse number of species, but like many other important forests in the world, it is being deforested. This means the natural trees, shrubs and other vegetation in the rainforest are cut down and cleared out. (Therefore the animals that live and depend on these plants die off because of loss of habitat.)

The Amazon rainforest is being deforested for several reasons including: (reference)

  • making space for cows (cattle ranching)
  • growing crops (like soy) that are primarily used to feed cows and other livestock
  • logged for lumber from the trees
  • and other reasons such as urban sprawl

It is important for children (and adults) to know about deforestation and the effect this has not only on the people that live in that particular country, but all of us all over the globe.

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What does the Amazon Rainforest Animals word search look like?

Below is a picture showing what the word search looks like. Click here or the picture below to open the word search PDF in a new browser window. Then from there you can print it off and start enjoying right away.

Amazon Rainforest animals word search - free printable PDF word search
Amazon Rainforest Animals word search (click to open PDF in a new browser window)

Is the answer page included?

Yes. The second page of the PDF contains the answer page.

Amazon rainforest animals word search puzzle answers
The answers page (is the 2nd page of the PDF)

What words are in this word search?

This word search puzzle has the names of 15 animals that call the Amazon rainforest home. These Amazon rainforest animals include:

  • Giant Anteater
  • Green Anaconda
  • Capybara
  • Toucan
  • Ocelot
  • Puma
  • Jaguar
  • and more…

How do you get the word search puzzle?

Click here to open the Amazon Rainforest Animals word search in a new browser window.

From there you can print off the puzzle and start using right away.

Try to print if off on a scrap piece of paper, or on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, or on a non-wood source of paper.

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Anteaters Amazon Rainforest

Anteaters amazon rainforest - the giant anteater
Giant Anteater – Photo credit: Esin Ustun on (used under Creative Commons license)

There are two species of anteaters in the Amazon rainforest: the giant anteater and the collared anteater. (Reference) These unique creatures eat ants (hence the name), other insects, and the collared anteater can also climb trees to get to honey and hives.

Green Anacondas

Green Anaconda – Photo Credit: Dick Culbert on (used under Creative Commons license)

These non-venomous snakes can grow to an enormous size. The National Geographic says that it is the largest snake in the world by weight. They can weigh an incredible 550 pounds!

They don’t kill by biting. They kill their prey by wrapping their muscular body around them, tightening until the animal can’t breath, and then they swallow it whole. They are so large they can even eat jaguars!

Ocelot – a beautiful wild cat

Ocelot Photo credit: Martinus Scriblerus on Flickr (used under Creative Commons license)

The ocelot is a wild cat that lives in the Amazon, but it can be found as far north as Texas. (Reference)

The Rainforest Alliance says it is about double the weight and size of a house cat.

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red eyed tree frog lives in the amazon rainforest and is considered an indicator species. If a habitat is healthy it will often have frogs, but if the habitat is ailing, then the frogs may disappear.
Red Eyed Tree Frog. Photo credit: Danel Solabarrieta on Flickr (used under Creative Commons license)

In the word search puzzle I have the word “frog” and even though it is believed that the Amazon rainforest has over 1,000 species of frogs (reference) the “red eyed tree frog” may be the most recognizable species in the entire rainforest. (At least by image if not by name.)

This carnivorous frog feeds on insects, lives in trees and is nocturnal (so it sleeps during the day). (Reference)

Even though the red eyed tree frog is not endangered at this point, they do consider it an “indicator species”. This means the survival of frogs such as this one indicate how healthy the habitat is.

And like all the other animals of the Amazon rainforest, the red eyed tree frog is at risk of losing its home to deforestation.

I hope your children enjoyed this Amazon rainforest animals word search puzzle. My daughter and I learned a lot just by researching and creating it.

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