Little Mermaid Word Search – free printable PDF [unofficial]

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Do your kids sing “Part of your World” more than five times per day? Do they wish they had a mermaid tail? If so, they’ll love this free printable Little Mermaid word search puzzle.

Little Mermaid Word Search puzzle for kids - printable PDF
Little Mermaid word search puzzle

Who is this word search puzzle for?

It is intended for kids in Grades 3 and up. There are some diagonally-hidden words that may be too challenging for younger kids, but they’re free to try.

What does the Little Mermaid word search look like?

Below is a picture showing what the word search puzzle looks like. It is in PDF format. If you click the picture below it will open up the puzzle in a new browser window. From there you can print it off and start enjoying it.

Little Mermaid Word Search unofficial - printable word search for kids
Little Mermaid word search puzzle (unofficial) – Click picture to open it in a new browser window

As you can see, in addition to the word search puzzle, there is a small box for your child to draw their favorite Little Mermaid character.

Does it include an answer page?

Yes. The second page of the PDF document is the solutions page showing where all the words are hidden. Plus, there is a short writing prompt for your kids to express themselves with words.

Little Mermaid word search puzzle solutions - printable word search for kids
Click to open the printable word search in a new browser window

How do you get the word search puzzle?

CLICK HERE to open the Little Mermaid word search in a new browser window.

Or you can click the two pictures above to open the PDF word search in a new window.

How many words are in this Little Mermaid word search?

There are 15 words in this word search related to Disney’s Little Mermaid.

There are some characters from the movie including Flounder, Ariel, Sebastian, King Triton, Ursula and more.

Plus, there are some words that are important to describe the storyline such as legs, voice, and magic.

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Is Ariel an official Disney Princess?

Yes. At this time Ariel is one of the 12 official Disney Princesses (as of March 2021).

Of all the Disney Princess films, The Little Mermaid is the 4th oldest Disney Princess: only the movies of Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) were made before the Little Mermaid.

The release of The Little Mermaid in 1989 is now widely regarded as the beginning of the “Disney Renaissance.” This period in Disney Animation history from 1989-1999 is when Disney had a string of massive animated hits including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Lion King. It was called a Renaissance because before this, Disney animation was in a dry spell following Walt Disney’s death in 1966. Some people call this Disney era, from about 1970-1988 the Bronze Age or the Dark Age of Disney animation.

And then a spunky red-haired mermaid named Ariel roused the animators from their funk.

If you want to watch Little Mermaid and other Disney animated films they are available to watch on the Disney streaming service called “Disney +”

On this website we have a ‘Disney & Pixar Animated Movies‘ word search you may like.

Note About Copyright

This is an “unofficial” Little Mermaid puzzle meaning this is not sponsored by or associated with Disney. It is free for educational purposes, used under fair use of copyright. I don’t claim to own any copyright to any of the trademarked or copyrighted Disney images or words.

The Disney clipart used in the word search puzzle were from

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I hope you enjoyed the puzzle.

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