Giant Puzzle Pack for Grades 2 & 3 [fun way to keep them busy]

Are you looking for a fun screen-free activity for your kids? Do you have a child in Grade 2 or 3?

Are you tired of going to your phone to print off one PDF puzzle at a time for your kids?

As a fun way to help keep your kids busy (while learning new vocabulary words) I’ve put together some of our best word search puzzles into one GIANT puzzle pack.

Word Search Puzzles for Grades 2 and 3
Title page of the GIANT puzzle pack for Grades 2 & 3

I usually sell these puzzles on Teachers Pay Teachers.

And most of them I sell individually for over $1 EACH.

And this puzzle pack usually sells for $5 Canadian (so even cheaper $US)…but for a limited time

use the discount code holiday2021

to get an additional 40% OFF

It is a large PDF document.

Nothing gets mailed to you so no need to wait…you get the printable puzzles immediately.

You can print off the puzzles you want, when you want them.

This printable word search book contains:

  • 36 word search puzzles
  • 1 unique crossword (about opposites)
  • 2 Dinosaur research pages
  • And solutions for all the puzzles

It’ll be a fun way to help keep your kids busy over the holidays.

And it is intended for students in Grades 2 & 3, but older students definitely enjoy the puzzles too!

To start enjoying this puzzle pack now, simply click the button below.

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If you want the convenience of having 36 word search puzzles in one document, you can purchase the GIANT puzzle pack below.

(Don’t forget to use the Discount Code holiday2021 in the Discount Code box after you press the “Buy this” button. This will get you 40% OFF.)

How do I use the Discount Code?

Step 1: Click the red “Buy this” button.

Step 2: On the window that pops up you’ll see this box where it says “Discount code”.

Enter holiday2021 into the Discount code box (note no spaces in holiday2021)

Step 3: You’ll see that the price will be adjusted once you enter in the Discount Code. Then simply press the Pay button.

The word search puzzles in this puzzle book are similar to the ones on this site, but you get the convenience of having them in one PDF document, and you get some exclusive puzzles not available elsewhere on this site.

If you have any questions about this fun puzzle pack please send me an email to questions (at)


Tim from Puzzletainment