Camping Word Search Puzzle [fun, free printable PDF]

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Here is a fun camping word search puzzle that is a free printable PDF. It contains 25 words related to camping.

camping word search puzzle free printable PDF
Camping word search puzzle

Who is this puzzle for?

It is intended for kids, but adults will like it too.

The camping words are hidden horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

It may be a bit too tricky for children in Grades 3 or less. (But they can definitely try it.)

What does the camping word search printable look like?

Below is a picture showing what this word search looks like.

You can click the picture below to open the PDF in a new browser window. (Then you can print it off from there and start enjoying it right away.)

Camping word search printable - free PDF
Camping Word Search printable PDF (click to open the puzzle in a new browser window)

Is there an answer page?

Yes there is an answer page. The second page of the PDF has the solution to the puzzle. Plus, it has two writing prompts for kids related to camping.

Camping word search answers page

What camping words are in this puzzle?

This word find has 25 words related to camping.

Some of the camping words include:

  • fire
  • flashlight
  • tent
  • matches
  • lantern
  • canteen
  • bag
  • trailer
  • campsite
  • swimming
  • friends
  • family
  • and more…

CLICK HERE to open up the camping word search PDF in a new browser window. (Then you can print it off from there.)

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