Halloween Scrambled Words Word Search (combo puzzle)

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Well things have gotten really mixed up! A magical Halloween spell was recited incorrectly. It caused some chaos. A bunch of Halloween words have been SCRAMBLED, and HIDDEN in a word search puzzle. We’ll need your help to first unscramble the words then find those words hidden in the word search grid. (So it is a 2-step puzzle.)

Are you up for the challenge?

Below is a picture showing what this Halloween combo puzzle looks like.

Click the picture below to open up a PDF version of the puzzle in a new browser window.

Click the picture to open the puzzle in PDF format

If you’re curious, yes there is an answer key. The second page of the PDF features the solution.

And in addition to the puzzle there are a variety of Halloween graphics to color.

So this will keep the kids busy for awhile.

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Halloween word search and word scramble in one fun puzzle.
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