Printable Halloween Costumes Word Search Puzzle (fun & free)

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Here is another fun Halloween word search puzzle, but this one is focused on Halloween costumes and some words used to describe those costumes.

The puzzle is best suited for kids aged 8-12 because it is fairly challenging. There are 20 words hidden vertically, horizontally and diagonally. (Younger kids can definitely give it a try though. They may just enjoy coloring the little pictures.)

Click the picture above to open the PDF in a new browser window

In addition to the word search puzzle there are several cartoons to color in, a box to design your own Halloween costume and a writing prompt on the second page.

The Solution to the word search is also on the 2nd page of the PDF.


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Thank you very much for checking out my website. I hope you enjoy the puzzle.


Tim from Puzzletainment Publishing

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