Cats Word Search Puzzle [free printable PDF]

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This is a free printable PDF word search about cats. This cats word search puzzle has 15 words related to domestic pet cats (not the Broadway musical).

Who is this cat word search for?

This cat word search is intended for kids in Grades 3 and up. It contains some diagonal words hidden in a rather large puzzle grid. This may make it a little tricky for younger children. (But they’re welcome to try!)

What does the Cat word search look like?

Below is a picture of the Cats word search PDF. If you click the picture below it’ll open up the PDF puzzle in a new browser window. Then you can print it off and start enjoying it right away.

Cats word search puzzle. Free downloadable Cat word search PDF
Cats word search puzzle (Click the picture to open the cat word search PDF in a new browser window)

Does it come with an Answer page?

Yes it does. The second page of the PDF features the answer page as well as two writing prompts for kids pertaining to cats.

Below is a picture of the word search answers to this puzzle. And below the solutions you can see the two basic writing prompts.

Cats word search puzzle
Solutions page for the word search about Cats

How do I get this free Cats word search printable PDF?

You can get the printable PDF by CLICKING HERE and the puzzle will open in a new browser window.

Then from there you can print it off and start puzzling over it.

Print puzzle

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