New Thanksgiving Puzzle and Activity BUNDLE now Available

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With Thanksgiving coming up in the USA I’ve created a great resource for parents that want a fun, screen-free activity for their kids. 🦃

It is a big bundle of printable Thanksgiving activities that includes:

  • word searches
  • word scrambles
  • a crossword puzzle
  • various drawing activities
  • mazes
  • a Thanksgiving journal page (to express what they’re grateful for)
  • and I’ve thrown in some Thanksgiving coloring pages too.

It is now available for sale on Etsy.

If you enjoy the free puzzles you’ve found on Puzzletainment so far, I encourage you to check out this activity pack. There is a cost to this bundle, but I think you’ll find its value far exceeds the price.

You’ll be able to purchase the PDF, download it and immediately start to enjoy the activities.

Thanksgiving Word search puzzle pack and activity bundle
Click to see on Etsy

With this puzzle pack and coloring pages your kids will have hours of fun activities to keep them busy.

Imagine, your kids having fun while challenging their brains and using their creativity.

Contrast this with hours of staring at a screen watching someone else having fun.

If this sounds like a Thanksgiving you’d like to have, you can click to here to see this activity pack on Etsy.