Paranormal Word Search Puzzle (free printable PDF)

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Do you love all things paranormal? If so, you’ll appreciate this word search featuring words related to the paranormal.

This word search is ideal for kids aged 10+, teens and even adults.

National Paranormal Day is on May 3rd. (Reference)

This is a great activity for that day, but paranormal lovers will enjoy this puzzle all year round.

Paranormal word search (national paranormal day is May 3)
Click to open the Paranormal word search in a new browser window.

Above is a picture showing the color version of the puzzle. I have also created an ink-friendly, black and white version which is on the second page of the PDF.

Is there a solution page?

Yes, the third page of the PDF features the solution. Plus, there are two paranormal writing prompts on the third page to stimulate creativity.

What are the two writing prompts on the third page?

I have created two writing prompts about the paranormal and put them on the solutions page of the PDF. The prompts start a story, and then you can use your imagination to take the story in whatever direction you choose.

The two writing prompts are:

1) On the night of the full moon, you and your friends dare to spend the night in the abandoned Whittaker mansion at the end of Maple Lane. As the grandfather clock strikes midnight, an old bookshelf in the dusty library slowly swings open to reveal a hidden door to ….

2) In 2007 four friends camped near a shimmering pond in the mountains. Their sleep was filled with vivid dreams of other worlds and far off places. Emily thought the pond may be causing the dreams. But as she dipped her toe into the clear water she realized…

Have some fun with them!

I hope you enjoy this puzzle. And if you do you may also like:

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