Pharmacy Crossword: Learn Canadian drug names (Eye health & travel meds)

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I’m updating the website and taking the content off the old website and putting it onto here.

I came across some golden oldies.  I originally created this crossword puzzle back in October 2009.  In September of 2009 I released my first book, Pharmacy Crosswords: Generic to Brand Name Conversions (picture above), and to help people get an idea of what the puzzles were like I created a series of free PDF pharmacy crosswords.

It is a Canadian medication brand name to generic name (and vice versa) conversion puzzle.

It has eye health medications, vaccines and drugs for travellers and some influenza questions.  (I did it in October which is the real start of our influenza season up here in Canada.)

I had to put an update on it because somethings had changed in the 8 years since I created it.  You’ll see the update written on the PDF file.

I do want to point out it is Canadian medication names, so if you’re from the States or elsewhere you’re probably looking at it thinking “this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about!”

I hope this helps if you’re studying for your pharmacy exams, or pharmacy technician exams, and if you have any questions or concerns please let me know by leaving a comment.


Tim Dyer

Click the Link below to get the PDF copy of the pharmacy crossword puzzle.  (It will open in a new window)

Pharmacy Crossword eye health travel meds

Solutions. Click below

Pharmacy Crossword eye meds travel meds SOLUTION

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