Pharmacy Crossword Canada Mental Health Drugs

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Today I’m uploading a pharmacy crossword puzzle that I initially created back in October 2010. Why let it go to waste right?

pharmacy crosswords canada mental health drugs


This pharmacy crossword puzzle contains Canadian mental health medications, and it involves finding the brand name or generic name of various meds.  It contains some SSRI’s, SNRI’s, some benzo’s and some antipsychotics medications.

Its a fun way to help you learn drug names.  If you are a foreign-trained pharmacist seeking certification in Canada this can help you get used to Canadian names.


I mention it in the foreword of my book “Pharmacy Crosswords: Generic to Brand Name Conversion” but I’ll bring it up again:

    • You could find the name of drug and enter it into the puzzle and call it finished…

              But go further!

Depending on what type of program you are in, e.g. pharmacy student or pharmacy technician, try and brain dump as much as you know about the medication on the paper.

  • Do you know the class of medications it belongs to?
  • Do you know the common dosing frequency of the medication? Is it once daily, BID, TID, PRN, etc…
  • If you are a pharmacy student, think about when you become a pharmacist: how will you counsel on this medication? What adverse effects will you tell them about?


Use the puzzle as a springboard to launch into further studying. Thats actually why I created these puzzles in the first place.  They are not intended to be a standalone study guide, but instead they are a fun way to ease into studying. To help you overcome the procrastination of starting to study.


DOWNLOAD THE PDF PUZZLE – Click the Link Below

Various Mental Health Medications Crossword Puzzle Canada


SOLUTION – Click the Link Below

SOLUTIONS – Various Mental Health Medications Crossword Puzzle Canada 


Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions send me an email.