Pharmacy Crosswords: Generic to Brand Name Conversions DOWNLOADABLE PDF


Downloadable PDF version of “Pharmacy Crosswords: Generic to Brand Name Conversions.”  A fun, challenging series of 34 crossword puzzles with Canadian medications names.

Read below for full details.


The softcover version of this sells for $9.99

Buying this Downloadable PDF you save money, and time!






Pharmacy Crosswords Canadian Edition PDF version Cover photo

This is the DOWNLOADABLE PDF version of Pharmacy Crosswords: Generic to Brand Name Conversions, Canadian Edition.


Instead of having to wait until the book arrives in the mail, you can buy the PDF version, download it now, print off the puzzles you want, and be enjoying the book in a minutes.


It contains 34 different pharmacy crosswords including:

  • Various Urinary and GI Agents
  • Various CNS Agents
  • Various Cardiovascular Drugs #1 and #2

And more…

Example of one of the puzzle’s clues:

Another example of clues. Do you know the answer to these?

Various Urinary Agents Pharmacy Crosswords Clues

Get your copy today, and start puzzling your way to better grades!

Please note it contains CANADIAN medication names. And since each country can have different medication names, this is for Canadian students and people wanting to test their knowledge on Canadian medication names.


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